Distance learning! Are our Students Ready?!


And here comes our question: How can we direct our students to decide to be engaged in the learning process?

  • The technical dimension concerns the skills that help students own their learning process (Benson, 1997). These skills involve the executive function (EF) skills (Zimmerman 2008) that are categorized into three main components: a) working memory, b) cognitive flexibility, and c) inhibitory control (Meuwissen and Zelazo, 2014 ).
Semantic map of executive function and related terms (Zelazo, Blair, and Willoughby, 2016)
  • The psychological dimension involves the development of traits of responsibility, critical thinking, and metacognition over their learning process. Learners are expected to construct knowledge starting from their social interaction and continue their self-evaluation to reach self-awareness.
  • The political dimension involves learners’ ability to deal with power issues within the teaching-learning process. Learners should always have the power of having a choice in the learning process.




PHD in Education For Sustainable Development, Certified trainer for Effective Educational Leadership Skills.

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Jinan Karameh Shayya

Jinan Karameh Shayya

PHD in Education For Sustainable Development, Certified trainer for Effective Educational Leadership Skills.

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